VPI (1 Platter)

Party Platters. Each platter contains four compartments (2 compartments Sugar Cinnamon and 2 compartments Raspberry/Habanero) unless otherwise requested. Each compartment contains 28 to 30 biscochitos, a total of 28 ounces per platter.

Our Raspberry Habanero is a delicious biscochito with a New Mexico “Hot” taste and was featured in January 2012 issue of Budget Travel Magazine as 15 of America’s Favorite Regional Sweets. Great with a glass of red wine.

If placing more than one order that you would like shipped to different locations, please go to the Contact page after placing your order and fill out the shipping locations you would liked them shipped to with your Pay Pal order number.

** NOTE: You cannot order a VP2 (2 platters-Approximately 224 – 240 biscochitos) or the VP3 (3 platters-Approximately 336 – 360 biscochitos) and have the each platter shipped to 2 or 3 different locations. You can order 2 or 3 platter orders and have them shipped to 2 or 3 different locations. One shipping address per order.

**NOTE – Some breakage may occur during shipping.

Tradition has it that you eat the broken ones first.

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Additional information

VPI Platter

VPI (1 Platter), VP2(2 Platters), VP3(3 Platters)

Commbination Platter

VPI Approximately 112 – 120 biscochitos, VP2 Approximately 224 – 240 biscochitos, VP3 Approximately 336 – 360 biscochitos